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The curious soul✨

Since childhood, I don’t recall being truly passionate about one hobby. In the entirety of my school days, I participated in multiple activities - singing, dancing, elocution, quizzes and whatnot.

I'd always been a jack of all trades. But did I want to pursue anything full-time or learn more about it? I don’t think so.

And it just didn’t end there. It continued to a point where I had to stop and think about what the heck is wrong with me and why am I always keen to try so many things.

This piece is the result of my reflection.

Toss any new challenge my way, I’d be ready to dive right in.

In fact, there was a brief period when I hoarded art materials and painted frequently.

This one time, I even travelled to learn something called “brush lettering”. From there I moved to digital art and took a course on digital illustrations from an artist.

That’s not it.

A few years back I loved Zumba so much that I tried to take professional Zumba training and become a trainer. Thought that’d be my side hustle. I was interning at that time and couldn’t afford the course.

During the brief break I had between my first two jobs, I seriously considered taking a fashion design course. Somehow my dad stopped me from doing that. However, I ended up taking an online course ;)

A year back, I delved into fitness. I had a personal trainer, I was being consistent, and I was feeling great as well. I wanted to take it to the next level and opted for a program called “LYFT”. Th

e objective of this program is to help you break your own record in weightlifting, say deadlift, bench press and back squats. You can probably guess how that turned out.

Hula hoop training was part of my explorations.

I tried getting into a pottery course. But a good friend of mine who knows well about me made me see what I am doing. I eventually refrained from signing up for that.

Interestingly, cooking is the only thing I’ve still been enjoying. I find it therapeutic.

Most recently, I’ve taken up gardening. Been some time, going pretty well. (Except for that one spider plant that I couldn’t save:/)

Reflecting on all this, I’ve drawn three conclusions.

  1. When it comes to what I want to do with my life (primarily concerning my work life), I’ve always had bigger aspirations and these interests have never interfered with that. It seems that journey remains on track, at least for now.

  2. Even though I tried a bunch of different things, I was clear that I didn’t want to turn any of those into a full-time commitment.

  3. What happened in school led me to try 100 different things. Eventually, I realized it wasn’t about the activities themselves but a kid trying to prove something. I believe I did.

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